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19 – QuartettoQuartetto

19 QuartettoQuartetto

XYQuartet & Ensemble di Percussioni Pedrollo

  • Nicola Fazzini (alto sax)
  • Alessandro Fedrigo (bass guitar)
  • Saverio Tasca (vibes)
  • Luca Colussi (drums)
  • Christian Del Bianco (percussions)
  • Paolo Zanin (percussions)
  • Rossano Muzzupapa (percussions)
  • Luca Gallio (percussions)

Unreleased original project born as the result of a work in synergy between XYQuartet and the Conservatory of Music Arrigo Pedrollo in Vicenza. 

The 19th project of nusica.org is coming to life from an unprecedented collaboration between XYQuartet – a leading group of the innovative European Jazz scene,  and the Conservatory of Music Arrigo Pedrollo in Vicenza. QuartettoQuartetto features a careful orchestration of the widely known XYQuartet hits, rearranged by the composer Gianmarco Scalici. Six classical pieces by the groups (Titov; Malcom Carpenter; Spazio Angusto; Vale Vladi; Consecutio Temporum e Pax Vobiscum) and by two unreleased ones (No Evidence; Essentials) recorded and played together with four talented musicians of the Conservatory Arrigo Petrollo of Vicenza engaged with a wide range of percussions. Thus a synergistic and innovative project was born, for a colorful record with extreme dynamics of strong sound and scenographic impact.

The release of the album is expected for December 18th for nusica.org on all the digital stores and in January 2021 with the issue 111 of the magazine Jazzit together with an extensive XYQuartet interview. The official presentation is scheduled for December on the occasion of the Vicenza Jazz Festival.

QuartettoQuartetto runs through the history of XYQuartet, with Alessandro Fedrigo electric bass, Nicola Fazzini saxophone, Saverio Tasca vibraphone, Luca Colussi drums, together with the percussionists Christian del Bianco, Paolo Zanin, Rossano Muzzupapa, Luca Gallio and the aid of the electronic music class. The eight musicians give rise to a record meant to investigate new timbric and rhythmic features such as marimbe, gong, tubolar bells, strings, kettledrums spread colors to the eight tracks of the record.