festivals & concerts

A central goal of nusica.org’s mission is to present live music: live music is the “true” way to experience music.
Our festivals also aim at valuing the places that host them and provide artists, organizers and fans an opportunity to share and discuss.

Since 2011 Sile Jazz has rediscovered the places bordering the Veneto river (even the less frequented ones) and introduces the public to some of the most original, innovative and creative soloists and composers of the contemporary music scene.

Jazz Area Metropolitana is a network that intends to unite different “actors” of the Veneto area in the name of culture, innovation and artistic experience. Jazz music and new live music in general are the trait d’union between the different pieces of the network.

14 Maggio 2021 / ore 21:00 XYQuartet Like a Jazz Machine festival – Dudelange, Lussemburgo