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Born in 2011 in Italy, XYQuartet is a fusion of saxophonist Nicola Fazzini and bass player Alessandro Fedrigo. They create an original, exciting and innovative music with Saverio Tasca at the vibes and Luca Colussi at the drums. This project passes through different kinds of music and artistic languages updating them to Contemporary


On the occasion of the VII centenary celebrations in 2021 for Dante Alighieri’s death, StraborDante is born: a musical journey between jazz, rock and noise, in which the imaginary of Dante’s Inferno comes to life in a multimedia show. Original songs and rearrangements of thirteenth-fourteenth-century compositions by the XYQuartet , talk through the unique voice of John De Leo and the images created by the artist Francesco Lopergolo.

MPQ Mirko Pedrotti Quintet

MPQ (Mirko Pedrotti Quintet) was started in 2013 by the vibraphonist Mirko Pedrotti from Trentino, and focuses on the study, research and experimentation of instrumental music. Influences from a variety of musical sources can be heard in the group’s musical output: jazz, minimalist, rock, progressive, classical music among others stylistic elements that coexist in their compositions, creating a contemporary, characteristic style.

Leonardo Barbierato – patterns for transcendence

The avant-garde quartet patterns for transcendence is the project in which Leonardo Barbierato, bassist and improviser, pursues an artistic exploration of the inter-relationships between improvisation and environmental/cultural ecology.