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26 – Pure

nusica.org presents Pure, the new project by the Enrico Casarotto trio: an album that stands out for its synthesis of jazz and rock, positioning itself among the most interesting figures in the current music scene. This is the second album for the leader and the 26th release for nusica.org, which aims to introduce the talent and value of a very promising Venetian guitarist.

Enrico Casarotto is joined by two established musicians who have found an extraordinary rapport and a distinctive sound in this formation: Luca Colussi on drums and Andrea Lombardini on electric bass.

Enrico Casarotto’s compositions are the result of contemporary jazz writing, blended with characteristic elements of rock and improvisation. The latter emerges as modern and dynamic, fueled by the electric sounds of the band and the personalities of the musicians, resulting in an excellent synthesis of various musical languages. The arrangements are perfectly tailored to the sound of a modern, passionate, expressive, and sometimes lyrical guitar. The resulting language reaches out to new musical horizons, where broad and airy melodies unfold over strong and engaging rhythms.

The single that gives the album its title is set to be released on November 10th, while the album will be available on all digital platforms on November 18th.

“In Pure, the profound meaning of this group’s musical exploration is condensed: pure, as an artist should be in their relationship with their art. No filters, only the transparency that makes the sound each person holds within themselves shine. The second track is ‘Blurred,’ a blues tribute to a beloved guitar language. It is followed by ‘Northern Roof,’ which evokes the poetic image of Nordic roofs where not even the heaviest snow can cling. The fourth track is ‘Cosy Walls,’ a metaphor for our dearest affections, which, like the walls of a home, provide us with security and stability. ‘Dialogue’ is pure musical instinct, while ‘Soar’ calls for a perpetual and wavering balance in a continuous latent suspension. Conceived in Santander, in northern Spain, ‘St. Andrews March’ is inspired by the breathtaking view of the Cantabrian Sea, just like every seaside town, Santander tells stories of the many people who have passed through it, as if in a great eternal march. The eighth track is ‘The Truth Is Out There,’ a lyrical warning that invites us to trust the truth. ‘Everywhere, nowhere’ takes the music to a dimension without physical or temporal limits, everywhere and nowhere. In the penultimate track, ‘Till I find,’ the repetitive melody overlays a tight and obsessive loop of thoughts. The CD closes with ‘Angela,’ a heartfelt dedication to a special person.”


“I am thrilled about this new musical project. My album represents an evolution in my composition style: I have delved deeper than ever into the depths of the melodies and atmospheres I wanted to create, breaking away from the conventions of jazz and rock to create my own music, unique and pure. The entire creative process has been meticulously curated. Luca Colussi and Andrea Lombardini have the incredible ability to interpret my thoughts and enhance every track. Additionally, the production of each individual track was carefully followed note by note by Francesco Blasig in his recording studio, bringing out the best from each instrument. Thanks also to Alessandro and the entire nusica.org team for believing in this project. I can’t wait to share this new project with the audience, experiencing every moment of my music together.” – Enrico Casarotto

Enrico Casarotto Trio

  • Enrico Casarotto (electric guitar)
  • Andrea Lombardini (electric bass)
  • Luca Colussi (drums)