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23 – Three Knots

23 Three Knots

Sounds that slowly glide, constant evolutions, wide eddies, high altitude improvisations:
The analogy between a kite’s flight and the music is the protagonist in the work by Emong quartet and the new album Three Knots on nusica.org.

  • Manuel Caliumi: tenor and alto sax
  • Federico Pierantoni: trombone
  • Michele Bonifati: guitar and compositions
  • Evita Polidoro: drums and vocals

Nusica.org presents its 23rd recording project, to be released on April 18, 2023: Three Knots by the Emong Quartet. This is the first record and the first as a leader by Michele Bonifati who, together with Evita Polidoro, Manuel Caliumi, and Federico Pierantoni, bring to the label a mix of jazz, electronic music, rock, American folk, originals, and covers ranging from john Lennon to Rage Against The Machine.


Emong holds a multifaceted identity and borrows its name from a particular type of kite, a passion of Michele Bonifati’s, with a particular characteristic: flight with feeble winds, almost absent.

The absence of wind is faced by the force applied to the string by the kite-flier: his movements convey the direction, dictate the movement that allows it to glide, a slow and calibrated made of wavering and circular movements, different than soring to high altitude.

Three Knots is the amount of wind necessary to allow an Emong a wide flight, several meters from the ground but slow and constant, like the road that led this group to create this first record.  A simile that tells a story of a slow musical research, with the willingness to stay close and present, to dive deep but without giving up and raise the head towards the sky.


In this project the ensemble, made of Michele Bonifati (guitar and compositions), Manuel Caliumi (alto and tenor sax), Federico Perantoni (trombone) and Evita Polidoro (drums), produced nine tracks: Starting With a Cherry (Bonifati), Outer Care (Bonifati), Balanzategui (Bonifati), Working Class Hero (John Lennon), El Largo Viaje (Bonifati), Les Lunettes De Mon Père (Bonifati), Masse (Bonifati), Clemence (Bonifati) e Settle for Nothing (Rage Against the Machine) with the voice of Evita Polidoro.

These tracks, says the bandleader Bonifati: “took a long time, almost ten years, and some were written in the last year.  The musical thread of the album was built with Evita, Federico and Manuel, crucial to give a voice to the music and a profound dimension to my writing, restoring in great detail its emotional and narrative nuances”.