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  2. 22- A Brief History of Time

22- A Brief History of Time

22 A Brief History of Time

Seven unreleased tracks to reflect about time and its different representations, born around Stephen Hawking’s theories and the poetry of T.S. Eliot.

  • Matteo Lorito – double bass, electronics, compositions
  • Beatrice Arrigoni – voice
  • Andrea Ruggeri – drums and percussions

A brief history of time, is the first album of Entanglement Trio: a project unreleased, born from a reflection on the concepts of space and time inspired by Stephen Hawking’s theories – contained in the famous printed of the scientist – and from the first section of the Four Quartets of T.S. Eliot.

Seven tracks that investigate the sound in its process of evolution from simple to layered and complex element. A composition in which written and improvised moments are alternated.

In this project the musical ensemble composed of Beatrice Arrigoni (voice), Matteo Lorito (bass and live electronics), Andrea Ruggeri (drums and percussions) explored the multiple relationships between improvisation and writing, written word and sound, acoustic and electronic, investigating the different representations of time in literature and certainly in music.

Concepts that overlap each other creating a unique vision of a central phenomenon of our existence, that Entanglement has collected and told into A brief history of time.

At the origin of the project there is the study of the poet T.S. Eliot’s work, the first section of the first of the Four Quarter. A written text that alternates abstract and philosophical observations on the concept of time and its relativistic nature, intertwined with fragments of a more intimate psychological time.

Entanglement Trio was attracted to the metric structure and the poetic form, both full of musical references, in which the trio reinterprets the place of the word.

An evolutionary process that is generated in white noise, shapeless and bearer of infinite possibilities, which give rise to the definition of the constituent elements of the musical discourse.

The trio affirms “This idea finds its roots in a cosmogonic metaphor of the creation of musical language. We tried to imagine it in this way: like a Big Bang from which matter, initially informed is born, takes shape and begins to build the complex network of relationships, which gives life to the universe of sounds. Inside these processes an essential role is played by electronics.

This formal structure it allowed us to organize the improvisational process in a more consistent and effective way, thanks also to the comparison with predetermined written material. From a completely free improvisation phase, without predetermined elements, with a high level of predetermination up to the most subtle degree of improvisation during playing a piece totally written”.

The new album A brief history of time of Entanglement Trio consists of the following seven tracks: Time present: Echoes, Hidden music, Formal Pattern, Sunlight, The surface, A cloud, Eternally present.