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20 – Unsaid

20 Unsaid

EmAb connection 

  • Manuel Caliumi – sax alto
  • Giulio Gentile – piano, fender rhodes
  • Davide Paulis – double bass
  • Luca Di Battista – drums

EmAb Connection, “Unsaid”. The first 2021 Album by nusica.org

Coming out on Thursday March 18th,, 2021 “Unsaid” is the nusica.org signed Album.

nusica.org is a cultural association and a record label engaged in the spreading of contemporary jazz and always paying particular attention to new productions while supporting new emerging artists. A round figure that is added to a special date: the tenth birthday of nusica.org, that will reserve many surprises throughout the year.

EmAb Connection is the new recording project of the Venetian label: a surprising debut born and moving between the Italian regions of Abruzzo and Emilia Romagna. The first encounter between Manuel Caliumi (sax) and Luca di Battista (drums) was in Chicago in 2015, thanks to a scholarship won  by the College of Columbia – Jazz Department. Once returned to Italy, since 2018 they have been undertaking the project of a quartet able to represent the musical ensemble among the two regions.)

Giulio Gentile (piano) and Davide Paulis (double bass) also joined the project, as friends and musicians.

What blooms on this transregional axis is a unique musical and human undersanding, that immediately took shape with the drafting of new passages co-written, in which it’s possible to recognize the musical identities of each of them within formation.

The Quartet has started working on the repertoire since 2019, and after less than a year, the new first album recording was released : Unsaid, a tribute to everything that in music remains unexpressed, silent, unsaid.

The compositions extend from different energy and atmosphere, with a common denominator: the total freedom of expression, a free instinctive and spontaneous approach. The intent of EmAb Connection is to make the most of the potentials of every single element trying not to set any limits to the creativity while searching for a personalized cohesive sound. And this is the central idea that links the 7 tracks of Unsaid, between intimistic reflections, moments of wide creative freedom, a mix of styles, soft atmospheres, and unexplored soundscapes.

As any other release of nusica.org, the album Unsaid is available on all the streaming platforms. The track ”Inhabitants” is available in preview  starting from Friday March 5, on every digital stores.