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  2. 13 – Secondo Solitario

13 – Secondo Solitario

13 Secondo Solitario

Alessandro Fedrigo

  • Alessandro Fedrigo (acoustic bass guitar)

There are a lot of differences from his first solo album, released in 2011.
Personal inspirations, research for a unique sound and a private setting, were essential to create original pieces that recall and allude at everyday life and the morning calm.

Playing alone is a bit unconventional for a bass player, since generally the bass is an accompanying instrument. This setting has allowed Fedrigo to explore new territories, entering a space free from contaminations.

With a clear link to the first record, Fedrigo explores the worlds of writers, Murakami and Verne, reinterprets pieces played with the XYQuartet and Hyper+ and finishes with two free improvisations.

“Secondo Solitario” stems from “Solitario”, where the jazz standards leave for original compositions, which together with a zen approach and the acoustic sound with no effects identify Fedrigo’s modus operandi.