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Quartetto Terrestre

Alessandro Fedrigo
(acoustic bass guitar/compositions)
Achille Succi (clarinets)
Giancarlo Bianchetti (acoustic guitar)
Carlo Canevali  (drums and percussions)

Daltonica Notte (A.Fedrigo)
This composition is dedicated to the swedish Thomas Transtromer.

Della Terra  (A.Fedrigo)
This tune is dedicated to our planet, and to the street (Della Terra st) where Alessandro and  Carlo made several reharsal in Rovereto, a town where Carlo lives. It's a modal tune with a 5/4 time signature.

Protone (A.Fedrigo)
This composition investigates the possible combinations of interval on a spiral cromatic form.
In this form intervals ar getting wider and wider as you go on.
The theme of Protone begins with a minor second, then there's a major second, then a minor third an so on, also the improvvisations are made with this tecniques.
Sim Gun (A.Fedrigo)
This is dedicated to Charlie Mingus.
Most of the melodic structures are made with spiral melodic forms. In this composition the harmonic materila is much more traditional, infact you will find chords and scales in the score.
Hagelin (A.Fedrigo)
This one is dedicated to the Hagelin machine, wich was a portable cipher machine used by Nato.
In this composition you'll find that every instrument uses some intervals, for example in the A section the bass has a groove made with minor third, tha guitar has chords with augmented fifth and the melody of the clarinet is made with both this intervals combined.
The C section is built on the augmented scales, wich combines minor thirds and minor seconds.
Space Jazz Astro Bop (A.Fedrigo)
This is dedicated to Science Fiction, and is a intervallic tune on a swing feel.
Il Cerchio (A.Fedrigo)
This composition is dedicated to headache, the title means "Circle".
There's a simple melody on some augmented triad combined with a sequence of minor third in the bass.
This produces a kind of circular motion that is used also in the solos.
Bipede (A.Fedrigo)
This song is dedicated to the musical genius of Charlie Parker, the melody is made with all the notes of his theme "Anthropology".
Cheope (A.Fedrigo)
This composition is a study on simmetric forms, both in his harmony, melodyand forms.
Altough the tune has a kind of optimistic and serene feel.
Il Compositore Compone (A.Fedrigo)
This tune has kind of atonal melody on conventional chords.
The idea is to represent the feeling of a composer sleeping and catching some new musical ideas while dreaming. 

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